Hassan.  1-point perspective drawing of a cityscape in the Bronx.  Fifth grade
Hahssan, 1-point perspective drawing of NYC, fifth grade

Our first featured artist is Hahssan!  Hahssan is in the fifth grade and enjoys drawing most.  He is passionate about making art, his family, and his friends.  
Hello Hahssan!  How does it feel to be the featured artist?
Hahssan: It feels great to be the featured artist.  Art is my passion.
Tell us what art means to you.
Hahssan: Art means to me that we can draw anything we want, and we are able to get out our emotions.
How did you create this last piece of art, your 1-point perspective drawing of a cityscape?
Hahssan: Well, I had to start off with the vanishing point and the horizon line, and then I had to draw the trains and the buildings.  Then I drew the graffiti.  That was a little challenging, but not that challenging.  Then when I got that I knew I could draw everything else.
Do you have any advice for others who want to be artists?
Hahssan: My advice is that you should always practice your art, and the better you get at it, the more you’ll be able to draw anything that you want.
Thanks Hahssan!