The Multimedia Classroom, Part 2: The Podcast Reflection


“walk throughs” are our reflections on video game design

This is an important time for creative teachers – we have maker classrooms, steam classrooms, and now, we have the multimedia classroom. We have the technology in our hands to employ media rich lessons in the classroom, and to allow students to gain experiences in creating these multimedia platforms as well. The latter is crucial: as media rich deployment tactics become more prevalent in the everyday workplace and in fields of innovation such as scientific research, technology, and education, students must be equipped with the knowledge to use these tools in effective, meaningful ways.

I recently posted a podcast reflection with students who had completed designing a video game using RPG Maker. Utilizing the podcast reflection vs. a written reflection for students, I facilitated a way for students to critically reflect on their work, while also providing them with a rich media experience in audio production and sharing with their listener community. Their reflections, shared here and on the sound sharing platform, no longer lay dormant on the teacher desk with red ink marking it, but are available and accessible to the world to inform and respond to, modeled after the modern platform of social and shareable information. Their experience in this medium will be invaluable, as they will now have the tools and the simple yet profound understanding that knowledge is social, and knowledge is also media rich.

To create podcasts for your classroom, here are some steps:

1. Script your questions and have your students write their responses down in a general outline (Yes! They still utilize their writing skills as well)

2. Utilize the voice recorder app on your phone, or the web-based to record your conversation.

3. Upload your sounds to an account that you create on

4. Share your sound on your class website, blog, or social media.

6.*If you really want to get fancy: Have them mix their podcast with intro music and fade out the sound at the end. You can use simple software like Garage Band on ios or

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